Registering the Death

In most circumstances it is a legal requirement of deaths to be registered within 5 working days. Registering the death will give you the documentation you need for the funeral, although we can start making arrangements and give you advice before that. The person who registers the death is usually a relative of the person who has died. If no relatives are available, then the death can be registered by; anyone who was there when the person died, someone who lives in the same place where the person died or the person who is taking responsibility for arranging the funeral. The person who registers the death will need to visit the local Registrar, which will mean making an appointment. If you’d like support, we can accompany you to the Registrar’s office.

Once you have registered the death, the Death Certificate will be issued, and you will be asked how many copies of this you require. There is a standard charge for each copy you request. A formal copy of the Death Certificate will be requested by banks and building societies, pension providers, insurance companies etc.
Wayne Kelly Independent Funeral Directors do not require a copy of this form. At this time, the certificate for burial or cremation will also be issued. This is often called ‘The Green Form’. This is required for the funeral to take place and should be taken to Wayne Kelly Independent Funeral Directors at the earliest opportunity.
At the end of the appointment the Registrar can provide a free, simple and sensitive service called Tell Us Once, which can securely pass information about a death directly to most government organisations in one go.

Information and documents the Registrar may require include:

Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death

Name, surname and maiden name (if applicable) of the deceased

The deceased’s date and place of birth

The deceased’s National Insurance number

Last occupation of the deceased

The usual address of the deceased

Their driving licence or driving licence number, if they held one – for Tell Us Once

Their passport, if they had one – for Tell Us Once

Whether the deceased received any pension or benefits from public funds

Name and last occupation of the deceased’s spouse (if married or widowed)

If the deceased was still married, the date of birth of the surviving spouse

Local Registrar Details:

Frome Registration Office
Frome Library
Justice Lane
BA11 1BE
T: (01823) 282251

The Registrartion Office
High Street
T: (01225) 477234
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The Registrartion Office
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN
T: (03000) 034569
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