Funeral Costs

The cost of a funeral depends on the arrangements you choose to make and where the service is to be conducted. For example, how grand or simple you’d like the service to be, the type of coffin, transportation, floral tributes, determine how much you will pay for the funeral. The cost of a funeral is made up in two parts. Firstly, the cost of the services provided by the Funeral Director and secondly, the disbursements. Disbursements are fees paid before the funeral on behalf of the family. These include things like Cremation fee, Church fees and Doctors’ fees. Additional services can be added to create an individual and personal service. We will provide you with an estimate of overall funeral expenses either in writing or verbally. Each client arranging a funeral will be given a written estimate at the time of giving us instructions or as soon as possible thereafter. Estimates will show our charges and any payments we are required to make to third parties for full transparency, ensuring you get exactly what you pay for with no hidden costs or charges.

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